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Nearing retirement? You may have more options than you think. Our flexible income stream options can pay you a regular income before and during your retirement.

Why choose a HESTA Income Stream?

A HESTA Income Stream account keeps your super invested with HESTA, and pays you a regular income throughout the year. You can:

  • take advantage of our Ready-Made Investment Strategy
  • access a wide range of investment options
  • divert more of your salary to reduce the tax you pay
  • access your account through Member Online.


smart strategy

A simple investment strategy where exposure to riskier assets declines over time? The Ready-Made Investment Strategy does just that.

Preparing for retirement? 

Consider a Transition to Retirement (TTR) income stream. 

This is where you open a TTR income stream alongside your super account. You continue to receive contributions from your employer into your super account, and can make extra before-tax contributions, increasing your balance and earning investment returns. Your TTR account offsets your reduced salary, providing regular payments directly into your bank account.

Keep in mind:

  • you can't withdraw the money as a lump sum without transferring it back to super or converting to a retirement income stream
  • you have to receive an income which is a minimum of 4% of your TTR balance each year and no more than 10%
  • you can’t add any further funds to your income stream once it’s started
  • you can choose who will receive you super when you die - find out more here.

It’s important to periodically review your chosen TTR strategy to ensure it continues to be as tax efficient as possible and still suits your personal circumstances.

To reset or 'reboot' your TTR strategy, you usually transfer or ‘roll back’ the balance of your TTR into your super account, closing your TTR Income Stream account.You then set up a new TTR Income Stream account with the increased super balance.

Before applying for a TTR Income Stream read about the changes that were effective from 1 July 2017.


Ready to retire?  

Consider a retirement income stream to provide you with a regular income while your savings are still invested. This is how it works:

  • your investment earnings are tax free
  • you take a regular tax free income after age 60
  • you can withdraw your money as a lump sum at any time, subject to government regulations.

Keep in mind:

  • you’ll have to withdraw a minimum percentage of the balance each year, based on your age
  • if you haven't already, make sure you've chosen who will get your super when you die - start here


Your preservation age is the age at which you can generally start accessing your super. The age varies according to your date of birth.

Date of birth Preservation age
Before 01/07/60 55
01/07/60 – 30/06/61 56
01/07/61 – 30/06/62 57
01/07/62 – 30/06/63 58
01/07/63 – 30/06/64 59
After 30/06/64 60

If you’ve reached your preservation age and would like to access an income from your super while you work, you may be eligible to start accessing your super through a transition to retirement income stream.

For more information refer to the HESTA Income Stream Product Disclosure Statement here.

The minimum drawdown is the percentage of your income stream account balance that you must ‘draw down’ (withdraw) each financial year.

The maximum drawdown amount applies to Transition to Retirement (TTR) members only and is the maximum allowable amount TTR members can drawdown each financial year.

Minimum and maximum drawdown amounts are set by the Federal Government at the beginning of each financial year.

For the 2017/18 financial year, minimum/maximum drawdown amounts are as follows:

Your age Minimum Maximum
Under 65 4% 10% (TTR only)
65-74 5% No maximum
75-79 6% No maximum
80-84 7% No maximum
85-89 9% No maximum
90-94 11% No maximum
95+ 14% No maximum

For more information see the HESTA Income Stream Product Disclosure Statement.



How to apply

Log in to Member Online and start your application via the income stream tab. Please note: the income stream tab will only appear if you have reached your preservation age. Find out more in the HESTA Income Stream Product Disclosure Statement.