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HESTA is the acronym for Health Employees Superannuation Trust Australia so it should always appear in capitals.


  • More than 850,000 members (more than 80% are women).
  • $46 billion in assets invested globally on behalf of members.
  • National industry super fund dedicated to people working in health and community services.
  • HESTA is a public offer fund.
  • HESTA has both accumulation and income stream (pension) products.
  • HESTA is run by a Board of 13 Trustee Directors including an Independent Chair.

In 1987, HESTA was formed for people working in health and community services, to accommodate the 3% superannuation payment that employees were receiving for the first time.

As a regulated public offer super fund, HESTA is open to anyone eligible for super to join and is run only to benefit members.

We have regularly received recognition for our achievements in the form of rankings, ratings and awards.

Primary spokesperson

Debby Blakey, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Debby has been CEO of HESTA since February 2015, after joining the Fund in 2008 as an Executive leading the Member Advice Unit and assuming the role of Deputy CEO in 2012.

A proven leader with more than 25 years' experience in super and financial services, Debby has a wealth of experience having held a range of senior positions within a number of financial institutions.

Debby leads an active and hands-on team of Executives who are focused on helping members enjoy a retirement they've worked hard for.

Debby is also a leader in the wider spheres of super and financial services. She is a Director of Fund Executives Association Limited (FEAL), an organisation dedicated to supporting the professional development of leaders in the super industry, Industry Super Australia Ltd (ISA), Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (AIST) and the Australian Council of Superannuation Investors (ACSI).


Additional spokesperson

Robert Fowler, Executive - Investment Execution 

Since joining HESTA as CIO in 2004, Robert (Rob),  has led our innovative investments program and implementation of the HESTA corporate governance policy related to investments.

A Chartered Financial Analyst, Rob has extensive experience in financial markets and possesses strong research, analytical and process skills across asset classes.

Rob and his team are committed to maximising members' investment returns while managing investments and risks arising from environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.


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